Unity .NET 4.6 experimental setting is not supported

Hi Everyone,

Just to make sure you don't turn on .NET 4.6 and stick to the stable .NET 3.5

We are getting more and more issues report that actually link back to the use of this experimental .NET 4.6 and at the present time we can't support such projects until Unity turn this feature as stable.

If you encounter issues, if you can't reproduce them using .NET 3.5, get in touch with Unity support directly so that they can improve and get closer to a support version.




  • Yes,

    I am running a bunch of new tests on the latest 2018 beta to see if the issues got resolved ( we raised concerned back in 2017.2 but never got a reply), so hopefully it will be ok.

    Meanwhile, you are encouraged to try it out and report any issues to us and Unity should you find bugs when using 4.6 that do no occur when using 3.5, it's going to be hard because once you switch to 4.6 and use some of the new api, it will be impossible to check back...


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