Self hosted server with Unity Pun connection issues

Hey all

Just wondering if anyone knows a step by step guide to set up a self hosted server and then connect a unity Pun game to this. Been racking my brain now for about half a day trying to get the whole thing set up and working. I am trying to run a server from 1 computer/network connection and connect to a second computer/network.

Best i have gotten so far is to connect them both to the same network and use the local connection (which works and i can see my unity clients) but as soon as i turn this to us the public network or move then to different connects i can no longer either connect to the server as it just drops.

Been following the instructions on the server in 5 minutes/server configuration and just having no success. so yeah any help or if there is a step by step video series anyone knows i can follow along with that would be great.



  • Yeah I'm having this issue as well.... I used to could do this very simply and quickly. Now I'm facing the same issue. (Go figure) the time I finally make my mind up on using Server, it just don't work.
  • I did just find a work around, but it's kind of lame.

    Before connecting inside Unity with the usingConnectionSettings thing.

    Type in
    PhotonNetwork.AuthValues = new AuthenticationValues ();
    PhotonNetwork.AuthValues.UserId = "Test1";

    Where Test1 is, each player MUST have a unique ID (Player Name). I didn't used to face this issue, now I do. Which is kind of lame, I don't want to force authentication this early in development.
  • hi, @Reddevildragg
    without seeing your configs(server and loadlbancing for GS), it is difficult to predict anything

    if it works locally, then issue may be either in computer configuration (firewall) or in photon configuration. For instance you try to connect to address which is not listened by photon. or GS sends you wrong (not his) IP

    For instance on Azure, it is not enough to just stop firewall on machine. some extra actions should be taken to attach public ip to VM

    so, all kind of details we need to understand what is goin on in your case

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