Is there demand for a Photon server fleet management service?

Our team has built our own service to streamline management of a fleet of Photon authoritative server nodes (for our own game). In particular, I'm referring to monitoring server health, controlling the server (start/stop/restart), as well as update the server applications (and photon version itself) to specific versions via a unified web dashboard without having to manually RDP into individual machines.

We are trying to assess demand for such a service. If others feel this is something that can help them, then we can generalize our system and open it up to the public.


  • Hi @Lotus,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I think your solution could be interesting to a lot of our customers!
    It also looks complete and covers all areas related to operating multiple servers.
    What about logging and management of configuration and applications/instances?

    We get some requests from time to time here on the forum or via ticketing system about such thing.
  • Hi @Lotus
    please get back at [email protected] to discuss. Maybe you could also show, what you built. Thanks.
  • That does sound interesting and possibly something I'd be interested in.
  • Thanks for the feedback. For some reason I did not get notifications for responses here, so excuse the delay in responding.

    At this time we currently only support a single instance, but that's because we were using it for our own game. Deploying multiple applications and altering configurations is certainly doable.

    @srmatthe, thanks for letting me know. Will let you know if we do open it up. Perhaps you can help us beta test it if we decided go forward.

    @JohnTube, log uploading is certainly on our TODO list. It is trivial to do for our own use case, but exposing it to the public involves additional security considerations for multi-tenancy. Right now, we only report telemetry up about status.

    @Markus, certainly. Once we're done with the current crunch, I'll reach out to that alias, show you what we've got and get your feedback.

    Any suggestions about how we can estimate such demand more accurately?
  • Estimating demand is really hard, I am afraid. But from our point of view it is a thing a lot of customers would (or at least should) use ;-)
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