Photon Server for RTS game

Hi there,

I've been developing a multiplayer RTS game with PUN for the past while and have run into a couple of issues with the current setup.
The master client in each room does all computation for each game that is played. Issues start popping up when host migration occurs after the master client leaves the game. My question is... would it be possible to create my own servers that take all responsibilities away from the master clients? I would need them to handle unit movement (using Unity's Navigation system), building construction, etc. I can't seem to find too much information on whether or not this is possible.

This is one of my first multiplayer projects, so any advice is greatly appreciated.


  • hi, @SamShiels

    yes, it is possible. you may start with plugins. Especially if you need to keep Matchmaking we have in cloud. if not, you may also, develop your server code from scratch

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