DisconnectByServer when many packets are sent

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Hi, I'm using Core -, SDK -, the problem I face is Game server is sending too many packets to the client and I get DisconnectByServer during the game.
Rtt(variance): 385(339). Ms since last receive: 120. Stats elapsed: 84sec.
Longest delta between Send: 380ms Dispatch: 380ms. Longest callback OnEv: 20=123ms OnResp: 1=40ms. Calls of Send: 2485 Dispatch: 5054.
TotalPacketBytes: 132763 TotalCommandBytes: 132763 TotalPacketCount: 2640 TotalCommandsInPackets: 2640
TotalPacketBytes: 99708 TotalCommandBytes: 99708 TotalPacketCount: 2245 TotalCommandsInPackets: 2408

TCP connection is used to communicate.
The question is: how can I force commands to be buffered on game server for period and send as one packet over that period, can I configure that in PhotonServer.config, thank you!


  • hi, Xeon

    you may try to switch ON nagling for your tcp listener


  • Thank you for your answer @chvetsov. I am looking for a way to control buffer flush timeout, it seems like the only way is to implement that in code.
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