Observered components about ragdoll player

Hi! I want make my player based on ragdoll(each part of the body are rigidbody), should i put all the parts of the body into the observered components to synchronize the player? Or there r better ways?


  • @Christian_Simon Help plz!! Orz
  • Hi @XiannvYou,

    I have honestly never thought about such a scenario, but I would start with a new script attached to the player which has a custom OnPhotonSerializeView solution. This script collects all necessary Rigidbody components from the child objects in its Awake function. In the OnPhotonSerializeView function you can try sending the necessary data from each Rigidbody component. Make sure to use the same order for the Rigidbody components for the sender and the receiver to avoid weird behaviours.

    As said I don't know if this is working as expected but if you don't have any other idea you might want to give it a try. Please let me know if this somehow helps you.
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