gameVersion not working with Self Hosted?

Hey everyone,
I noticed gameVersion in "ConnectUsingSettings" does not work with Photon Self hosted (PhotonControl).
Is there an alternative we could use to separate players with older versions of the game (Without having to use room hashes)?


  • Hi @ZeoWorks,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Virtual Application (player segmentation based on the combination: AppId and AppVersion) is a concept and a feature available only on Photon Cloud (as shown here on this page).
    You need to implement something similar by yourself.

  • ZeoWorksZeoWorks
    edited January 5
    Thank you for the response.
    So you're saying I should add a custom room property to filter the rooms?
    Would that not be heavier on bandwidth?
    Additionally how would you be able to filter the player count?
    Thanks again.
  • @ZeoWorks

    no, it is not about room properties. there is GameApplication class on master. you may extend code so, that many instance of this class will be used.

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