Pun 2 Beta Early Access [December 2017]

Hi Everyone,

We are releasing a beta package of our next PUN version ( will be referred as PUN 2 ) featuring major internal changes, API changes as well as performances and optimization improvements, while retaining the same design pattern principles ( PhotonViews, RPC, Cloud, etc)

You can download it here

Few things to know:

- This version is NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION, use it at your own risk.
- Unity 5.3.7 is the minimal version

Known Issues:

- Only UDP type connection works, TCP and web socket are not leveraged yet

New Features:

- Improved Namespace to avoid clash with other assets
- LoadBalancing (LB) api has been revamped for a better separation between PUN and LB
- The PUN API changed in numerous place
- Performance and optimization is improved with less caching of data and better memory usage to avoid unnecessary allocations where possible.
- Explicit registration for PUN callbacks is now necessary, although automated when using 'PunBehaviour' ( watch out when overriding OnEnable() and OnDisable() you must call the base or registration will not occur
- Demos now using the Unity UI system instead of the deprecated one which had a very design pattern for coding.

Future Features:

- Documentation overall pass to cover all changes and new features
- Completed Demos
- Network Prefab will no longer be required as a Resource but will need explicit registration
- More optimizations and performances improvements

We welcome your feedback on this :)

I'd suggest you keep it in that thread, but if you make a new thread, make sure you mention "Pun 2" so we know where we are.




  • Can I solve synchronization problem with this?
  • Hi,

    Unlikely :) The synchronization principles remains very much the same, PUN 2 is about core performance improvements and leveraging to allow for future growth.

    Can you describe what are your problems? maybe a dedicated post will be better, simply reference that post in here and we'll take it from there on that dedicated post.


  • New PUN 2 will still support the same calls/code from PUN 1? I am starting something with Photon right now, but it PUN 2 will make me change a lot of my code, I will think about waiting or changing my network solution. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi,

    PUN 2 is still very early in beta, so I don't suggest you rely on its current form that much, it won't differ drammatically, but over the course of the beta cycle, there is a possibility for breaking changes requiring restructuring your code, but I don't expect full any major neither.

    I would stick with PUN if your deadline is short for your new project, PUN 2 is mid term vision, so be careful, do not use PUN 2 in production environment, this would be very dangerous.

    The principles remains the same, but internally a lot has changed to improve perfs and code structure, for example now you need to explicitly register for callbacks, no more magic callbacks like Unity does using sendMessages, if you are using PunBehavior, then it does it for you.

    Also the api has changed in places with leveraged naming conventions and improve signatures, for example, room list is not cached anymore so you can't query it, you have to listen to the callback and deal with caching yourself if you want.


  • Thanks for the feedback Jean. Ok, I will stick with PUN 1 for now, since I want to do some more tests in 1-3 months. By the way... is there any way that I can download the documentation? I tried printing in PDF, but it does not work good (mixed letters). I wanted to check tutorials while I am in a flight.
  • Hi,

    nop, I don't think there is an offline doc document available, I'll shout back here if indeed there is.


  • Yosh!
    As a early adopter, I am happy to see PUN 2 Project!
    I will use it in my personal game project, and will give feedbacks as many as I can do :)
  • Hi,

    Excellent, looking forward to your feedback :)


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