Photon Voice and iphone


using 1.13 Photon Voice

I can see you have implemented the

However we still get sound only from the iphone ear speaker (the one used when making or receiving a call) not the main speakers.

On older devices with plug in headphones sound is routed to the headphones when plugged in.

If using bluetooth headphones on newer devices the sound is not routed and the ear speaker (the one used when making or receiving a call) remains activated.

Help, what am I missing?

All fine on Android though



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    Hi @VRCraftworks,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    We are considering improving the iOS (and other) native Unity plugins to fix or add what's missing in Unity in terms of input and output audio devices handling.

    Could you help us by defining what you mean by "older" and "newer" devices?
    Maybe clearly list what's working and what's not, the different combinations you tried, Unity version(s), used device(s), expected and actual behaviors?
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    Hi there

    Happy New Year!

    Older devices - those iphones with plug in headphones the 5 series and the 6.
    Newer devices - iphone devices all have bluetooth headphones which are the iphone 7s and iphone 8s

    List whats working and not working:

    On older devices iphone 5 and 6 series with plug in headphones sound is routed to the headphones when plugged in and the audio speakers (not the ear/call speaker the one used when making and receiving calls) when not.

    Not working
    If using bluetooth headphones on newer iphone 7 and 8 series devices the sound is not routed to the headphones and remains routed to the ear speaker (the one used when making or receiving a call). Sound is also only routed to the ear/call speaker when no headphone device is present.

    The expected behavior
    The sound to be routed properly to the audio speakers on newer devices the iphone 7 and 8 when no headphones are present and to the blue tooth headphones when they are plugged in. This expected behaviour is what happens on the older devices.

    5.6.2 and 2017.1

    1.13 Photon Voice which contains the fix for this from

    Let me know if you need any further information.


  • Hi guys

    any progress on this?

    Cheers B)
  • Hi @VRCraftworks,

    No sorry, nothing yet but we have a task on our list for this.
    We will post any updates here.
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    No probs John.

    Just thought it could be something we missed as the solution from

    seems to have been implemented apart from the scripts in:

    Can this possibly be the reason??

    Perhaps its missing an added call to iPhoneSpeaker.ForceToSpeaker() after you call Microphone.Start()?

    Not a fan of ploughing through other peoples code but do you know in which scripts Microphone.Start() is called so we can quickly have check through?

    We will also try this as sometimes its something as simple as this:

    (final post) that solves the issue.

    Cheers :)
  • so at the end how do you solve it? i've tried
    using UnityEngine.iOS;

    if((Device.generation.ToString()).IndexOf("iPhone") > -1){ //for iphones only
    iPhoneSpeaker.ForceToSpeaker ();

    but it doesn't seem to work. Where did you place that code to make it work?
  • Hello,
    I am facing problem, when i connected iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, i cant hear the voice generally.(with any headphones and Bluetooth also i cant hear the voice).But my voice is transmitting to another device.
    What i have done wrong. Can you please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi @ModulusPI,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Can you please give us more details about the issue?
    What is the Photon Voice version?
    What is the Unity version?
    iOS device (model + iOS version) sending audio
    iOS device (model + iOS version) receiving audio
    expected behaviour + actual behavior

  • Hello @JohnTube ,
    Thanks for your quick response.
    I am using unity 2017.3 and photon voice is 1.13.
    When i am testing with iPhone 5s and version 11.2.6, with iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, Its not working well.
    In iphone 5s voice is transmitting and hearing the voice from speaker, But in 6&7 voice is transmitting, they cant listen the voice from opponent person.
    And some times photon speaker is unlinking by automatically.
  • Hi guys

    sorry about not checking back. As far as I can determine there is no easy fix here. The accepted solution was to use a plugin from github.

    However this code seems to be incorporated into the latest build so I can't see how that would solve things now.

    Here are the links should you wish to research out yourselves. Would be interested if anyone else has come to the same conclusion.

    Cheers all :/
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    Greetings @VRCraftworks @JohnTube , is the issue still unresolved?

    I'm using Unity 2018.2.4f1, Dissonance 6.2.4 and PUN 1.91 and I have the problem with an iPhone X. I've tried the recommended links from the last post and still can't resolve it.
  • Hi @utickledev,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    On this forum, we usually give support for Photon Voice and not Dissonance.
    You could ask on Dissonance's support channels or ask @martindevans directly.
  • Hey guys,

    We are working on the fix for this iOS issue.
    We want your help in testing few things.

    Could you update to latest Photon Voice and use Microphone type instead of Unity one (Read more about "Microphone Selection") and try if that fixes the audio output routing to the proper speaker? It may seem weird or unrelated but the system initialization may be different.

    Let us know what do you find.
    Please include the Unity version, iPhone device model, iOS version and external speaker if any with your results.
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