Getting DisconnectByServer status instead of DisconnectByServerUserLimit

I'm using the stand alone photon server with all custom applications.

I was using UDP connections and I had a unit test that made a bunch of connections until it got the DisconnectByServerUserLimit status from OnStatusChanged in the peer listener when connecting (just using the free license so this wasn't hard).

Now I changed to TCP, and I'm getting the StatusCode.DisconnectByServer instead.

Is this expected behavior? I look in my server logs and it says "CTCPSocketServer::ReadCompleted - Exception - CTCPSocketServer::CreatePeer() - Licensing limit: Concurrent connection limit reached. No more connections allowed". So it does look like everything is working as expected, however, I'm getting DisconnectByServer status instead of DisconnectByServerUserLimit on the client.


  • hi, @emartinez

    thank you for report. i will create ticket for this issue. i hope that this is not show stopper for you and you will be able to continue creation of your cool product

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