Is the restart functionality limited to watching the application dlls or should it work for plugin dlls as well?

I have these options enabled for both apps


but if I attempt to copy over the plugin I get a sharing violation, telling me that it's not doing plugins in a shadow copy sort of way at least.


  • hi, @JeremyS

    We load plugin assembly using Assembly.LoadFile method. it does not support shadow coping. we do not recommend you to use auto restart. if you are going to use enterprise cloud it has special script to update plugins. if you are going to self host, you may either 1) invent something your self, or @)wait when we will release next sdk version.

    1. You may move plugins config to extra file and leave in assembly config only link to this file. This what we do currently
    2. we are started to work on it but i'm totatly unawre about terms. definitly next year. i hope begining of next year

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