Bolt and Photon Server

After reading a lot of the available information there are still some questions left.

1) Where is part 2 of (see link), I couldn't find it

2) As I understand it now, when using Bolt + Photon Cloud, which of the following are correct or wrong?
a) the cloud is used to establish the connection between all clients
b) after the connection, all further packets are send I) through the photon cloud or II) through the host which has opened the room
c) so maybe there is a mix: the cloud is used to distribute the data but there is no "server" which is doing the calculations (like auth movement, shooting etc.); instead of this the player who has opened the room takes the role of the server, at least for the calculations, but not for distributing the packets?
d) Besides this mix, the classic p2p is possible? Or even the classic solution with a dedicated server?

3) I like the idea to have all from one vendor and with the old bolt version I always have wished to get this combined with a solution where everything can be from only one vendor. Is it possible to have Bolt + photon server all from photon, but just like having a dedicated server combined with the ease of connecting to the cloud? So I can see all available servers (like you can see the rooms) and connect to one of them. What is the pricing for this?

4) In the article Photon Bolt: Fair Pricing or “Shameless money-grab”? you write a little bit about the relation of CCU und sold copies of a game and that there is some misunderstanding. You are totally right with this! And I can confirm that there needs even more information about this, because from a naive customer's view you are shocked and you can not understand how the pricing looks in a real scenario.
I know it all depends on your game, but with that many users of photon more information based on your experience about CCU and sold copies would be great. As an example how a naive user thinks: Assuming you can sell 10k copies and after a long line of open hands you will stay with 4$ from an initial price of 20$ (yes quite optimistic). So with 40k$ and 10k potential users playing, which pricing plan would you need and how far would you get with 40k$? (Of course you wouldn't need anything of this for your living)

5) Is there a way how users could pay for a guaranteed connection, being one of the CCU? In the classic approach the developers rent some servers but of course they can't rent as many servers as they have sold copies. But there you have the possibility to rent a server on your own and play the game.
Is there something similar when using photon cloud? Maybe a paying user can grab the "virtual CCU-slot" of a non paying user?


  • 1) Not out yet I'm guessing
    a) yes with punch and relay
    b) only sent through relay if punch fails
    c) Bolt requires someone to act as the host
    d) "p2p" where every client connects to every other client isn't supported. Dedicated server is supported. "p2p" in the sense that there is no dedicated server and one of the players act as the host is supported.

    3) Yes we have integration for Photon Server, there is a zip called Photon Swarm in the package.

    4) Our pricing is here, you would probably need to contact us for over 5k CCU.

    5) We don't offer cloud hosting, but we try to make using Amazon cloud and others easy.
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