stuttering movement and no client disconnect

Trying to apply the Advanced Tutorial to my own character controller, I encounter the following problems.

1) With the editor as server and 1 more client: both characters run smoothly in the editor and also the server's character runs smoothly in the client's build-window, but the client's character animation is stuttering in its own window.

2) When closing the client-window, the client's character is still visible in the editor window, so it doesn't disappear on a disconnect. I've searched the tutorial files, but have overseen or just don't know what makes the character disappear, when the client closes/disconnects. I have expected something like disconnect or detach.

3) I've found in the forums, that auth-movement doesn't work with rigidbody characters. Is this still true and what exactly doesn't work? Doesn't it work at all or some special cases, how would it look?


  • 1) Would need to see project
    2) The tutorial stores the player in the connection "userData", it is destroyed when the connection is destroyed.
    3) It can work, but there is no predicition e.g. world of tanks
  • Thank you for the fast response. Unfortunately the answers are very brief and what looks to be enough from your point of view, is with a lot less of information on my side not even close.

    2) I've discovered that the advanced tutorial-docs do not show how the disconnect work, but the code uses the Dispose-interface and I think the magic happens when assigning or taking control. But on the getting started doc I can see a Disconnected callback (but it is a server only). So which way would be the way to go Dispose or Disconnected-callback?

    3) What do you mean with world of tanks?
    If I understand it right, without client-side prediction the user would always need to wait for his(!) input to be passed first to the server and get it back. So in most cases it would be slower / laggy and not as smooth. And again, what is it that makes auth-movement not working with Rigidbody characters?

    1) I got it solved. If anyoneelse has the same problem: I followed the tutorial steps which say to leave all other settings as they are, but from other screenshots I could see that it would make sense to have "Everyone except Controller".
  • 2) Dispose is called on disconnect for the "Player" object defined in Player.cs and created in ServerCallbacks.cs
    3) Unity does not have support for "fast forward simulation" for individual rigidbodies. If you're using 3rd party physics its possible.
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