Why addResponseListener callback not work?

It's right to get response data in ResponseListener's callback function ? Or I think wrong ?

here is my code :
const addListener = (client) => {
    client.addResponseListener(CODE,(e) => { console.log('addResponseListener callback',e.data) } );
But nothing in console QAQ


  • It just only sendOperation now.
    I have no idea about how to get response data. :'(
    Could someone give me a hand please ~
  • I found the anwser :#
  • Hi @ytk,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Please share the solution with us so others can benefit from it.
  • ytk said:

    I found the anwser :#

    Hi, kindly share the solution with us so that we can also benefit from it :smile:
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