Starting a c++ project

I am new to Photon and I am trying to setup my project to get started.
I have looked into the documentation, but I cannot find which libraries and files to include(I work on visual studio 2015+). Also the examples that come with the SDK seems that they have problems with compiling.
I also looked at the c++ setup documentation, but once again it is only for the basic libraries and oll other examples are written for load balancing library?
Thanks in advance for any help you provide.

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  • Hi @Kaiserludi
    Thanks a lot for the information, I will try everything you mentioned here!
    There is only one miss understanding about load balancing and the common libraries. Do I need the load balancing to create the multi-player game or I can do everything directly with the common libraries ?
    If there will be some other cases Issues I will write.
    Thanks once again for your help!
  • Hi @GabrielKotev.

    Do I need the load balancing to create the multi-player game or I can do everything directly with the common libraries ?

    It depends.

    The Photon core functionality is provided by the Common-cpp (everything not directly network related, like data containers, serialization, memory management, etc.) and the Photon-cpp (lower level networking) libraries. The server side equivalent to this would be a raw Photon Server instance without any application running.
    On top of that raw instance one needs to run a server side so called application to actually add functionality beyond sending raw messages. Photon Cloud runs the LoadBalancing and the Chat application on it's servers and LoadBalancing-cpp and Chat-cpp add the equivalent Client side for the functionality that is added by those applications.

    Therefor using LoadBalancing-cpp (for multiplayer and in-game communication) or Chat-cpp (for cross room communication) is mandatory with Photon Cloud.

    With Photon Server one can implement ones one application and in case that this application is not written on top of what LoadBalancing-cpp already provides, but from scratch, one would not use LoadBalancing-cpp on the Client side, but write ones Client side networking code to directly use Photon-cpp for everything.

    However writing ones own server application that does not base on LoadBalancing-cpp at all is a rather rare scenario, that might affect less than 1% of the Photon server users.

    So usually when using Photon Server, you would use LoadBalancing-cpp, too.
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