Starting a c++ project

I am new to Photon and I am trying to setup my project to get started.
I have looked into the documentation, but I cannot find which libraries and files to include(I work on visual studio 2015+). Also the examples that come with the SDK seems that they have problems with compiling.
I also looked at the c++ setup documentation, but once again it is only for the basic libraries and oll other examples are written for load balancing library?
Thanks in advance for any help you provide.

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  • Hi @Kaiserludi
    Thanks a lot for the information, I will try everything you mentioned here!
    There is only one miss understanding about load balancing and the common libraries. Do I need the load balancing to create the multi-player game or I can do everything directly with the common libraries ?
    If there will be some other cases Issues I will write.
    Thanks once again for your help!
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