How to import Photon Voice only from unity assets store?

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Hello Guys,

We have an existing game that uses Photon Cloud (PUN). We would like to add Photon Voice into the game. According to this link:

The Photon Voice is only available from Unity Assets Store. Quoted from the web:
" If you already use PUN and want to add Voice, it is preferable that you clean up PUN and import Photon Voice only. This way we guarantee compatibility since PUN and PUNVoice packages are updated separately."

How do I add/import the Photon Voice asset without breaking my current game?
My PUN version is v1.84.1 (2. June 2017) and the Photon Voice PUN version is v1.85 (6. July 2017). What should i do?
Is there any guides for this?

Please advise. Thanks


  • Hi @zaki,

    First of all, if you do not use a Version Control System (git, svn, etc.) you should start using one now.

    If you already have PUN inside your project you have two choices:

    1. Import Photon Voice directly.
    2. Remove PUN first and then import Photon Voice.

    Photon Voice should contain all PUN files except:
    "PhotonChatApi" and "Demos" folders
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