Apple Reviewer cannot connect to Photon - DisconnectedByClientTimeout

I have submitted my App like 5 times, swapping server from Europe to US, changing this and that
Triggering the small Checkbox in Unity Build Settings "Requires persistent WiFI".

Submitting on iOS 10 with Xcode 8, submitting on iOS 11 with Xode 9

building just for iPhones, building for Universal and all I get is the same answer from Apple Reviewer Team


Their Internet connection must be working because my own written Login Process is working just fine but then after connecting to Photon it does not work.

I cannot reproduce this because it is working perfectly for me since ever.

. . . has anyone an answer?

Simply go here to read more about this
Looks like everything I said and did did not matter


  • Hi @kk99,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    This topic is discussed in details in this thread.
  • kk99kk99
    edited October 2017
    thank you JohnTube

    OMFG Apple. . .
    I wish I had known this five days earlier I could have saved so much time. . . but who could have ever thought about such scenario.

    But such information should be displayed in RED in the Photon Wizard in Unity. I am sure I am not the first and last person who wasted so much time struggling with this :|
  • kk99, what have you done in order to get your app approved?
  • still stucked :(

    It looks like the only way to get approved is making the game offline and turning it into a online game secretly few days or 1-2 weeks later, I wonder what are the odds that anyone will ever figure out . . .
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