Bug Report: Building with Unity 2017-1

edited October 2017 in Photon Voice
Having installed the PUN Voice 1.11 plugin into Unity 2017.1.1p4 there is a compile error in Assets\Plugins\PhotonLoadbalancingApi\Room.cs and Assets\Plugins\PhotonLoadbalancingApi\Player.cs.

This is due to this line not being compiled:
using Hashtable = ExitGames.Client.Photon.Hashtable;

Which in turn is due to the #if not triggering. To fix:
Add some of these: || UNITY_2017 || UNITY_2017_1 || UNITY_2017_2
replacing the || UNITY_6


  • Hi @jules43,

    Thank you for reporting this!

    Those Unity preprocessor/compile conditions are never ending and tricky to anticipate them.
    For example the UNITY_X_Y_Z_OR_NEWER have been removed from Unity 2017!

    In fact this is part of LoadBalancingApi (Realtime SDK).
    It will be fixed in an upcoming release.
  • Hi @jules43,

    Can you try Voice 1.12?
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