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We're building a social VR application where we are using Photon on-premise (using the mycloud application) to host multiple games and enable voice-chat. However in some cases we want an authoritative player (on a Unity admin-client application) to talk to all the players at the same time throughout all rooms.

For this we would need to implement a feature like this:
  1. - The AdminClient will join all the PUN rooms at the same time to broadcast it's voice.
  2. - The clients will all simultaneously connect to an additional "MasterVoice" room to receive the admin's voice.
Would one of these solutions be possible? If so, do you have any pointers in how we could set up an environment like this? Are there any alternatives to achieve a feature like this?

Thanks in advance


  • Hi @wissevrowl,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What you are asking for is not available out of the box.

    Send us an email to [email protected] with a description of your project and we may have something for you. I can't promise anything though.
  • Hi @JohnTube thanks for you message. I will try emailing the developers. In the meantime if anyone knows a solution feel free to post here =)
  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭

    PUN Voice Client can't be connected to multiple PUN rooms at the same time. But it can connect to a voice room in parallel and chat in it using voice client which is a part of voice api. PUN Voice is built on top of voice api. So it's available in the package.
    But this is advanced topic. You need to do all the work PUN Voice does for you.
    Also voice api is not documented and is not guarantied to be stable. So you may need to update you code as new Photon Voice released.
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