Why won't photon voice be deployed to the hololens?

It gives me an error in the Org.Player library. Saying that Org isn't recognizable (am i forgetting any assembly?).


  • Hi @johnjeffri,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What PUNVoice version do you use?
    What is the exact error you get?
    Try importing latest PUNVoice in a fresh new empty project and build a demo scene.
  • edited September 2017
    I'm not using the demo scene. I created my own and added HoloToolkit. And Unity version is 2017.1.0f3.
    Photon voice ver. 1.11.
    The exact error is that It says Org.player is not recognizable which is in App.cs. By the way, it works really well with unity and it builds the app fine for the UWP. But when I use Visual studio to deploy the app to the hololens it gives me this error.
  • Hi @johnjeffri,

    Did you enable required capabilities as mentioned here?
  • I'm using the photon voice for hololens and checked the link you have sent. And everything is fine with the unity till I build the app. But, When I run it with visual studio i'm getting these errors. https://ibb.co/i9n1Tk
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