How to get scene load progress when using photonnetwork.loadlevel


I use photonnetwork.loadlevel to load my scenes and I have it set up so that when the master client switches the other players in the room automatically switch as well.

Usually in unity to do a progress bar for loading a scene you would use async load and then check operation progress to see how far you had got in order to update your loading progress.

With photonetwork.loadlevel I'm not aware of how I would get the scene progress as there doesn't appear to be any way of checking load progress?
I'm aware photon doesn't have an async load so how do I go about getting the scene load progress for the master and the various joined hosts so they can be presented with some time line type information on how long they will need to wait for the scene to load?

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  • OK, thankyou, I suspected it wasn't really possible, I'll wait and see what you guys come up with.
  • Hi,did you find a good Solution ?
  • Hi @S_Oliver,

    PhotonNetwork.LoadLevelAsync() has been added in PUN version 1.90.
  • S_OliverS_Oliver ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    Thanks @Christian_Simon , already written my own solution but this is awsome,gonna check this out soon.Thanks!
    EDIT: When you Update the Docs to 1.9 ?
  • Hello sir,
    I have same problem. Just I want to use "CreateOrJoinRoom" method but I don't want to load scene. Becuse I developed an async loader. I running progressbar for this. Last times do you have an upgrade for this?
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