Is there a way to make [PunRPC] inherited?

I am creating a NetMonoBehaviour script, that will be the new base class for our networked scripts. But it looks like I'm not inheriting the PunRPCs I defined in my upper class.
Let me explain:

It has this piece of code:

#region SetActive
public void SetActive_Net(bool activate)
photonView.RPC("SetActive_Net_RPC", PhotonTargets.All, activate);

private void SetActive_Net_RPC(bool activate)

I then attached two Components to an empty gameobject, let's call those A and class B. Class A extends NetMonoBehaviour, and class B is just a hook.
I used class B to call get Component A and call SetActive_Net(false).

I got this error as a result:

"PhotonView with ID 3 has no method "SetActive_Net_RPC" marked with the [PunRPC](C#) or @PunRPC(JS) property! Args: Boolean".

Any advice?
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