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Hi there,

Just some quick questions before buying Bolt. If I have a dedicated server as a headless server of my Bolt project. It is an authoritative server that every client connects to.
Do we still need the relay service of Photon Cloud? Do we still need to pay monthly fee for Photon?



  • No. I am doing the same thing. I have the dedicated server run on a linux machine and it works just fine. No need for online photon services.
  • That is not correct. Charges for Bolt will also be CCU based. We still need to figure out the details.
  • In Photon Bolt, the CCU is only if you use the relay. Is this correct?
    If you use direct IP connection, you do not need CCU.
  • According to current plans, it will always be CCU based.
  • OK, No more Bolt, change to other network solution.
    Thanks for all.
  • @Markus Does that mean we can't use Bolt for a dedicated server/LAN now? We HAVE to use Photon Relay now?
  • When I bought bolt, there was no CCU and you could use ZEUS. But it seems they want to change the business model and charge more for the product.
    If right now, they want to charge for CCU, I will change network system.
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    @Markus Wait WHAT?!

    If we can't buy Bolt as a standalone network layer and have to pay CCU cost even if we handle all the backend ourselves (no other photon services) you should make a HUGE announcement, should be top headline in your Bolt site and documentation RIGHT NOW.

    So we can all move to another solution instead of wasting anymore time with Bolt.

    This is some serious stuff right here.
  • Sure, as said, the details still have to be defined.
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    Business model and Bolt is a delicate and explosive topic. So please take a deep breath and relax.

    We have invested and will invest quite a bit of our time (and so money) into Bolt. Because we believe Bolt is a great product for certain use cases.

    1) You run your own servers with headless Bolt instances: fine. Just host the heck out of your game. If you make a lot of money (to be defined, along the lines of 100k USD per year) we need to talk.

    2) If you use our Photon Cloud (Matchmaking, Punch, Relay) - of course we charge our CCU rates. Our CCU rates are fully Indie compatible and never been an issue so far.

    Approach us directly via [email protected] to discuss your/our business model. We will work on more info in the coming weeks.
  • @bertelmonster2k Ok, that makes more sense. No one has an issue paying for CCU with photon cloud, you have a great product and pricing model there.

    It seemed through Markus response, you were looking to charge for Bolt + CCU for developers who were not using photon cloud services (hosting all their own services).

    I have no problem paying you well for the product, regardless of how much revenue we make I'm sure it will be reasonable.
  • +1 to moving to an annual income model instead of this very confusing CCU for not utilizing any actual servers or relay etc on your end.

    I get what you guys are trying to accomplish, but I believe break points of annual income and associated costs will be much more palatable for this product.
    < 50k = Free
    > 50k - 150k = $500
    > 150k = $2500


    These costs can be calculated immediately by the developer and that's the #1 thing I see asked in Discord when someone wants to try Bolt. Many need a free solution to get started with which makes the 20 CCU idea seem good, but in the end I think you guys need to expose the tool to more people and hope that games are successful. Big risk since you lose the $95, but if sales are somewhat low then hopefully you can come up with something that brings more devs to Bolt because it dwarfs UNET, Forge, and whatever else junk is out there.

    Bottom line, if I make 200k on my game and the "network engineer, aka Bolt" makes 2% on my game.. I think that's a bit more than fair (up to a cap of course, not a flat 2% ;))
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