Difference between photonView.viewID and PhotonNetwork.player.ID

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I have received the list of players through PhotonPlayer.playerList. Now I need to send the message to the certain player. How I am able to do it? I assumed that it is possible with such method: photonView.Find ( PhotonNetwork.playerList[ index ].ID ).

But then I have read that photonView.viewId doesn't correspond to PhotonNetwork.player.ID.

Explain me, please, purpose of photonView.viewId and PhotonNetwork.player.ID: in what their purposes, and in what a differences?

Whether there is between photonView.viewId and PhotonNetwork.player.ID a strong interrelation?

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    Hi @SN_007,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    The PhotonView ID is unique per networked object.
    The PhotonView could be attached to an actor networked object or a scene networked object.
    The player ID or actor number is unique per actor inside the room.

    More details can be found here.
  • Thanks! This is good information for me!
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