Add around 1000 players in one room.


We have a specific requirement for our game where we require at most 1000 players in one room, because its a GPS based interaction game.

Is this approach possible in photon? If yes, then what can we do to achieve this.

Also, how can separate users based on their location, such as cities etc.
Any help in this direction will be appreciated.


  • Hi @sid_juego,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    because its a GPS based interaction game
    I don't understand how this is a constraint for a high number for players per room?

    Photon Realtime rooms do not support 1000 players.
    Since Photon Realtime has a limit of 500 messages per second per room, you can have 20 players with 25 messages per second each. Of course you can do more optimization (e.g. Interest Management or Network Culling) to support more players.

    Also, how can separate users based on their location, such as cities etc.
    If you plan to use, Photon Cloud, then it's region locked and you can have players per regions but this filter is more for continents/countries rather than cities. Read more about regions here. If you want group players by city, you can do so using a third party service that provides this information. Our partners at PlayFab have this feature of geographical localisation based on IP address. So you need to make use of this information to separate players in Photon. For instance you could filter them by "Region" and "Lobby" (per city) and "Room" (per group of players).

    Another option could be: Photon Chat.
    Although the product name suggests that it's for chat only it's not.
    You could build a whole app using it as it allows you to exchange any Photon serializable message type and not only text strings. It does not have matchmaking though.
    I suggest it as a single Photon Chat channel can have too many subscribers up to 1000.
  • hi @JohnTube

    it as a single Photon Chat channel can have too many subscribers up to 1000.

    In this case, is it possible to sync positions, rotations of the generated users with custom properties and reflect their changes in runtime? (Some user changed its avatar from A to B etc, other users should know whether my user A has a gun etc).
    Please let me know your thoughts.
  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited June 2017
    Yes but you need to implement it on your own as there Chat only allows you to BROADCAST message (object!) to all subscribers of public channels or privately send a message (object!) to a single user.
    So there is no Matchmaking, no Actor, no RaiseEvent, no PUN RPC, no PhotonView etc.
    Maybe Chat channels will have properties support released soon.
  • "implement it on your own"

    As in, At my own server ?
  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited June 2017
    No, client logic only, notes:
    • design a "protocol" between clients: e.g. some clients can ignore a message
    • choose message structure : e.g. embed metadata like target user(s)
    • construct message before sending it
    • parse message when receiving it
    • process received message
  • I see, but in this case, I would have to send a lot of data to and fro between all the possible number of players connected together and maybe do some sort of deserialisation/parsing of the messages being sent.
    Hmm, i'll rethink on this.
  • @JohnTube Just wanted to confirm that if I purchase the "100 CCU" or "500 CCU" plan, then will I be able to add at least 40-100 users in a single room?
    Please let me know about it..
  • Hi @sid_juego,

    No that is not good.
    I do not recommend having more than dozen players joined to the same room at the same time.
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