BoltNetwork.Destroy(character.gameObject); Adds a UI window on the server's viewport in standalone


I was wondering if it was enough to remove a player from the network like this:

I want to remove the entity in the game if the player decides to quit the game. If I don't use that line, the entity remains on screen and is controlled by the server automatically.
Adding this line removes the entity, but it adds something that looks like a "UI window" on the left side of the server's version of the game in standalone.
When I get this window, I can't click on any of the gui button available on the screen. But I still can move my character around.

What am I doing wrong?


  • I don't know what UI window you're referencing. The tutorial has an example of the player being removed when disconnected.
  • I found the issue. It was a debug log I was adding in your OnGUI() method in one of your tutorial page.
    It was probably throwing an error and I couldn't see it in standalone.
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