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Just updated PhotonVoice to 1.9 and have realized that adding it into my Unity project causes script conflicts due to duplicate scripts.

My project currently contains the 'Photon Unity Networking' Unity store asset and the 'PUN Voice' Unity store asset. The two assets have different folder structures on import, which means many scripts (LoadBalancingPeer.cs, FriendInfo.cs, AudioClipWrapper.cs, etc) are in more than one location in the project (namely, Plugins/LoadBalancingAPI and PhotonUnityNetworking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork). The 'PUN Voice' asset alone imports with these duplicate scripts.

I'd like to clean my project so there aren't any script conflicts (or duplicates, for that matter), but I'm not sure which folder structure I need to go with. Any advice?


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    Hi @Cyanhyde,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I already replied to your email. Please try to use one support channel in the future.

    Here is my answer updated:

    We moved some voice scripts around since 1.9.
    Here is a snippet from the changelogs:

    CHANGED: AudioClipWrapper.cs, AudioStreamPlayer.cs, MicWrapper.cs moved from Assets/PUNVoice/Scripts folder to Assets/Plugins/PhotonVoiceApi/Platforms/Unity
    Also since Photon Voice package includes PUN, we recommend all customers to use PUN version provided in Photon Voice as that guarantees compatibility between the two.
    This should OK as we always update PUN version inside Photon Voice.
    • "Assets\Plugins\LoadBalancingApi\LoadBalancingPeer.cs" and "Assets\PhotonUnityNetworking\Plugins\PhotonNetwork\LoadBalancingPeer.cs" are both required.
    • "Assets\Plugins\LoadBalancingApi\FriendInfo.cs" and "Assets\PhotonUnityNetworking\Plugins\PhotonNetwork\FriendInfo.cs" are both required.

    To "clean up" your project, what I advise you to do:
    1. Remove PUN
    2. Remove Photon Voice
    3. Import Photon Voice
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