Bolt Scene - Debug Start


I wanted to know since Unity is Free (again), does the Debug start works in the free version (5.5.2)?
I have the buttons available and when I click I can build the game, but I don't see the game running in the editor.

I was wondering if the free version allows the Debug Start to work. if so, what do I need to do in order to see the game running?


PS: I know it was supposed to be the Pro version only, but from what I read, the buttons shouldn't show up with the free version, correct?


  • There should be nothing different in Bolt between the pro and free version of Unity
  • From your page here (

    This window looks a bit different depending on if you have Unity Pro or not, the window in the screenshot above is the version in Unity Pro, and if you have Unity Free you will not see the Debug Start Settings options or the Debug Start button.

    Debug Start allows you to tell Bolt to start a server + N clients, and then have them all connect to each other and load the correct scene, without manually doing anything. To learn more about it watch this video.

    So if everything is the same, do u have an idea why it doesn't show up in the editor?
  • Stanchion,

    Can you help me with that? Should I contact support to help me?

    I don't see the issue
  • What I meant is that when I press the Debug Start button nothing happens. It builds, I get the build in my folder, but it doesn't run in the editor like you have in your video. I was wondering what was the issue. Do I need to change some settings to make it work?
  • No, I've just tested it and the debug start button works fine using Unity Personal.
  • So, if I import Bolt plugin and start your tutorial scene, it should work as is?
  • No, you need to follow the steps in the docs.
  • Is it possible to have the link to the section you explain how to do it?
    Because here :
    the video doesn't say anything.

    Add "MainMenu" and whatever other scene like "Level1" to the build settings
    Compile assembly
    Build or click debug start
  • There is a shader that was throwing an error(TypogenicUnlit), fixing it fixed the problem.
    I was able to run it with 2 clients, etc.

    Do you have the shader error in your build?
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